Our Vision

ARISTON's vision is to be the leading school for the Greek language and culture, by providing outstanding educational and cultural programs in a supportive and caring environment and enabling students to reach their full potential and develop an optimal bi-cultural identity.

Educational Mission

➢ To teach and promote the Greek language and culture, the values, traditions, and customs through progressive educational programs, family celebrations, and socio-cultural activities.

➢ To encourage and enrich the development of the Greek identity in the new generations within the Australian-Greek community in Australia.

➢ To provide unique innovative programs to our students and their families in developing skills on Emotional Intelligence and Leadership.

➢ To foster close interaction and collaboration within our school community between our students, their families and our staff through special programs and socio-cultural events.

Our Values

  • Language
  • Culture
  • Heritage
  • Tradition
  • Progress
  • Excellence
  • Personal/student Development