Our History

ARISTON is approved by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. We foster a cooperative, friendly, and family-oriented approach which has helped in creating a safe and caring environment for the educational, social, and cultural development of our students.

The students’ population has been growing steadily since the school’s establishment in 1993.

Our students come from a diverse social, economic, and cultural background, including parents with a Greek background, parents in mixed marriages, Australian born parents whose first language is not Greek, well educated parents and so on. ARISTON has grown and adapted to the needs of the community due to a progressive statement of purpose offering quality educational programs in learning and developing the Greek language and culture to all students regardless of their background within an environment which fosters respect and tolerance.

ARISTON teachers have come from Greek speaking countries with appropriate qualifications as well as Australian born with Australian qualifications teachers. All staff endeavor to improve their knowledge and practices in language and culture teaching by following the D.... guidelines and through professional development and training programs offered by the Ethnic Schools Association of Victoria (ESAV). Thus ARISTON is able to provide a language and culture program based on the latest developments in learning theories, methodologies, and resources and to plan and adapt the curriculum to the needs of the changing student population.

All staff are encouraged to be actively involved in developing, implementing and evaluating all aspects of school policies and teaching practices. A philosophy of team work, continuous development and shared responsibility has been created and is practiced at all aspects and levels of the school’s life.

All students and staff enjoy and appreciate the well equipped facilities of the host schools. ARISTON has been developing resources in teaching Greek including a library of teaching and reading books, audio tapes and CDs, visual videos and DVDs, charts and other teaching aids and so on. A major effort has been made in including PCs and appropriate teaching programs in the years 2011-2012.

Community participation has been an important factor in the progress and success of our school. Parents are always invited to be actively involved in their children’s learning. Open classes are schedules several times during a school year and parents participate enthusiastically in classes at all levels. Parents’ feedback is always used in evaluating our programs and in improving all aspects of school’s activities and processes. There is an active Parents’ Committee which oversees the programs and functions of our school and is involved in consultation and fundraising activities.