Welcome from the Principal

Dear parents, students, and friends of our school,

It is our great pleasure and pride to welcome you to ARISTON, the Progressive Centre for the Greek Language and Culture.

This year is yet another exciting school year for our students and their families, as we provide unlimited learning opportunities, educational challenges and

countless achievements for our students to accomplish.

Our socio-cultural program will include many events, activities and functions, designed specifically for our students, aiming to enrich their cultural knowledge and social skills and enhance the development of a balanced Australian-Greek identity.

We believe that what makes our school unique is our emphasis in teaching the Greek culture as well as the language and our leadership in the area of developing the most progressive co-curricular program for our students and their families. Our success in this has been continuously confirmed through parents' enthusiastic feedback, cooperation, and support.

On behalf of the ARISTON Team

Dr Helen Kalaboukas, PhD, MAPS

Principal and Psychologist